Backwater babyI wonder what the future holds for this carefree young Indian boy swimming in the backwaters seemingly a million miles away from the dynamic economic revolution that is sweeping his country. I will never know and perhaps will be long gone when maybe he heads some multinational corporation bringing technological wonders to the world. I envy the vitality of the changing world order, not for what it is achieving, but because I can never be a part of it, being a fading ember in the cooling furnace that was an empire. There will be mistakes and injustices but I hope someone will have learned from the errors of the past. A hope in vain I fear if I am a model.

Sketch for a canvas

I really should try and get the hang of this blogging stuff! I forgot to put a note on the last post. It is one of some sketches for a series of canvases I have promised myself I must finish this winter to cheer up the gloomy months.