There has been an extensive expo of cubism in Paris and I have to say it covered the whole movement comprehensively and gave a good explication of the thinking behind it, such as there was. I must say much of it I didn’t find completely convincing, but there you go, that’s just me.

Anyway I decided to give it a go and had my own cubist period, over a couple of day this weekend, to see if it would give me some ideas. I can see it is a good way to break down the structure of what you wish to convey on the canvas and I found it quite good fun. But more than that I was left asking myself ‘what next’? I may use it’s devises to loosen up my rather tight constructions and for that I think it has been a good experiment, so here are the the varying subjects I tried, which I count as a form of homage to cubism.

One the other hand my usual but developing style still seems to please people and the latest is a commission (which I must add is the first time I have tried such a thing) to give my interpretation of the last few line of the play Electra by the French playwright Jean Giraudoux. I had to read the entire play to begin to get a grip of what it was all about and I must say he is not the easiest of writers. It was a very troubling process and I am not sure I will ever try it again, being a difficult dichotomy between what developed on the canvas and what I understood by the play added to my worry about what the client had in his mind. In the end all turned out well and we were both pleased with the result.electra

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